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Impressive. Functional. Simplicity. Our traditional Barn Pros wood gable barn is defined by its triangular-style roof, and is built with select grade, slow-growing Northwest lumber. Whether you are looking for a barn to shelter your horses or livestock, or want a multi-purpose structure for vehicle/RV storage, our barns can easily fit your needs and budget. More than 1000 Barn Pros barns dot our American landscape ranging from California to Maine. Climate extremes are not a problem – our barns function beautifully, even if you’re located in the extreme heat of Texas (wood is an excellent natural insulator), the heavy snow loads found in Colorado, or the moist, wet weather of Washington State. Check out the models below -- if you’d like some help with your project, talk with a product specialist at 866-844-2276. Order our free full-color catalog that features all of our barns, barn homes, arenas, garages and shops

How We Do It
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Four steps. One goal: getting you to a building you’ll love. Dive deeper into our process or get in touch today.

  • Step 1: Select

    You choose the structure that’s right for you and your property from our wide range of models. A Barn Pros product specialist will be happy to help to make your vision a reality, letting you know your options and ironing out all the details.
  • Step 2: Personalize

    Need a shed roof? Deck package? More dormers? Add the available options and upgrades you want— they’ve already been engineered to fit seamlessly into our building plans, and our specialists can help ensure that your choices meet local building criteria.
  • Step 3: Order

    Choose your ship date and we’ll start assembling the package. . County-specific permitting blueprints arrive first, followed by ready-to-build building components. Most models deliver within a few weeks, and shipping is free on most structures within the continental US.
  • Step 4: Build

    Whether you choose to put up the structure yourself, work with local resources, or hire a professional builder, our builder support team is available to assist you. And onsite flexibility ensures the highest quality construction with the ability to make custom modifications.
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From the time your Barn Pros package is wrapped, strapped and dry-loaded on semi-truck(s) to the time you have it safely unloaded at your location, a coordinated team effort is involved. We deliver your Barn Pros package exclusively through our dedicated shipping partners to keep costs low and make sure your delivery is secure and efficient. 

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We stand behind our products, and we put it in writing. We believe our clear, easy-to-understand warranty is the most comprehensive in the industry.

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