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Barn Pros' line of rustic timber frame barn homes offers a range of customizable residences that can be built and finished to suit any lifestyle. From weekend getaways to full-time living spaces, the unfinished interiors allow for creativity and customization tailored to your needs. Interior walls are also non-load bearing which allows for adjustments within each floor plan. Timber frame barns and barn homes possess the warmth and character of a mountain lodge in an economical and time-efficient package. Choose from several sizes of timber frame designs (with one or two stories) or barn homes (modified versions of Gable and Monitor barns) as well as barns with living quarters.

Blue Ridge Barn Homes

Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge rustic barn home, named for a province in the Appalachian mountain range, mimics the historic dogtrot style home. These dogtrot, possum-trot or breezeway houses were common throughout the southern states in the early and mid-1800’s as farmhouses and cabins. The design feature most notable to these homes is the covered porch, or breezeway, that acts as a natural cooling system during the hot summer months and was a typical hangout for the family dog – hence, the term ‘dog-trot.’

The Blue Ridge includes a fully-engineered living space that features your choice of four, front entry layouts detailed below. Choose from an offset or centered gable entry in models A and B, with timber-style window awnings for a mountain cabin aesthetic. Models C and D offer a covered porch that wraps either partially or completely around the living space; offering a western feel with an open country porch.

For a complete look at the Blue Ridge model, please request an e-brochure.

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Denali Gable Barn Apartment

Denali Barn Apartment

Barn homes and apartments from Barn Pros make an unmistakable statement as a caretaker’s residence, mother-in-law apartment, “man-cave” recreational room, or permanent residence. Several Barn Pros customers have built an apartment barn on new properties and lived there while building a home, later converting the barn apartment to an office, guest quarters and even barndominiums. Interior walls are non-load bearing, which allows for flexibility in the floor plan during initial construction as well as subsequent remodels. This adaptability coupled with our exceptional quality is why people chose Barn Pros when building their barn apartment or home.

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Caretaker Monitor Barn Apartment

Caretaker Barn Apartment

Built with the 16’ breezeway, 9/12 roof pitch, taller sidewall and loft heights of the Haymaker, the Caretaker monitor barn also provides a spacious living area within the center loft. A cedar deck comes off the master bedroom, and large clerestory windows create a bright, airy barn apartment that is engineered specifically as a residence. If you're looking for a custom barn home or barn apartment, the Caretaker is a great solution.

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Timber Frame Homes

Timber Frame Homes

These barn style homes feature a bold timber frame interior with exposed douglas fir, a choice of log-style or tongue and groove exterior siding, and cedar board and batten on each gable end. The unfinished interior allows for creativity and personalization; interior walls are non-load bearing, making the standard floor plans open to customization. Timber frame homes create a unique environment that stands out from traditional home styles.

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