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Wall | Garden Decor

Enhance the front of your barn, or even to add a rustic touch to your patio or kitchen with copper wall art! And, as you decorate your patio, why not set yourself up to take advantage of outdoor entertaining and quiet summer nights with one of our Fire Dome sets? Each fire pit is paired with an artistic design to create a distinctive ambiance without sacrificing durability or function. We also sell a simple fire pit and spark screen, which comes in three sizes.

Copper Barn Star
Copper Barn Star $119.90
Sun Face
Sun Face $89.99
Fire Dome (Starry Night)
Fire Dome (Starry Night) $244.99
Fire Dome (Full Moon Party)
Fire Dome (Full Moon Party) $399.99
Fire Dome (Orion)
Fire Dome (Orion) $399.99
Fire Pit with Spark Screen
Fire Pit with Spark Screen $424.99
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