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Poly Trailer Cart (ATV)
Poly Trailer Cart (ATV)
Sku: TC-10-P
In Stock

Use this durable poly cart to haul up to 700 lbs of feed, firewood, topsoil, tools and equipment, debris or whatever else you find yourself needing to move! To make it easy to store and use, there is a push handle, a fold-behind tongue – and it comes fully assembled. One single piece of poly, the box is also easy to clean and maintain.

  • One-piece box design
  • Push handle to use as a push cart
  • Fold behind tongue for storage
  • 10 cu ft capacity
  • 700 lb weight capacity
  • Fully assembled, welded pedestal and undercarriage
  • Molded features in poly hopper allow you to add dividers and side extensions
  • 16" stud tread with metal hubs


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