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Post Hole Diggers
Post-Hole Digger
Sku: PHD200
In Stock

This post hold digger includes gearbox equipped with safety shielding for auger and driveline, shielded driveline, yoke, boom, and hardware package. Our post hole diggers are ideal for farm, residential, hobby farm, ranch, commercial and industrial applications. SOLD WITHOUT AUGER (available separately).

PHD200 is rated for Cat. 1 narrow tractors 15-25 HP.
PHD300 is rated for Cat. 1 & 2 tractors 20-35 HP.

SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL identifies important safety messages on your unit and in your owner's manual. Observe and follow all safety messages to prevent personal injury or death. Read and understand your owner's manual before attempting to attach or operate any equipment.

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