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Copper Rain Chain Basin 16 ½”
Copper Rain Chain Basin 16 ½”
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Rain Chains
Sku: RC479P-C
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Attach your rain chain to one of our copper basins to catch the water at the base of the chain. Add rocks inside the basin to personalize the look, or leave empty to hear the drops “ping” against the bare metal. To use, first attach your rain chain to the gutter. Place the basin directly beneath and attach the final link of the chain to the link at the center of the basin, or alternatively simply let the chain rest at the center of the basin. Then, look forward to the next sighting of rain clouds on the horizon!



  • Handcrafted in the Old World style with superior workmanship
  • Available in polished copper or verdigris finish.
  • Durable copper and quality metal materials develop an attractive patina over time
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable gutter installation clip included
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