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Lighthouse Cupola
Lighthouse Cupola
Cupola Roof Pitch Sizes
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This lighthouse-style cupola boasts four, 4’ x 2’ picture window side panels that provide ample natural light to the space below. A flat, 1”x6” Doug Fir tongue and groove ceiling above the windows provides the perfect backdrop for a chandelier which is easily supported by the strong roof truss above. Your cupola will include a full wrap of our premium-grade tight knot Western Red Cedar plus roof sheeting. Roofing material and finish treatment(s) are not provided. All framing is pre-built at our workshop, ready to assemble. Because you’re able to assemble your cupola(s) directly into the roof structure, there’s no need to hoist a completed cupola saving you the trouble or renting special equipment.

When choosing a cupola(s) for your structure it’s important to consider the overall size of the structure and how that relates to the scale and quantity of cupolas used. A good rule of thumb is to allow for 1½” of cupola width for every single foot of unbroken roofline. For example, a 36’ roofline would look balanced with 54’ cupola. Very large buildings will look best with more than one cupola, oftentimes two matching cupolas are positioned at either end of the roofline with a focal-point cupola at the center.

  • Lighthouse Cupola measures 100”H, center section measures 60”W x 60”D.
  • (4) 4’ x 2’ glass-pane fixed windows.
  • Pre-built framing and roof truss system
  • Roof sheeting is included, roofing material is not included.
  • Wrapped in tight knot, premium grade Western Red Cedar.
  • Flat, 1”x6” Douglas Fir tongue and groove ceiling. 
  • Can be fully insulated for use in residential buildings.
  • Non-ventilating.


Note: For structures not provided by Barn Pros, it is highly recommended that a building professional (or licensed engineer) verify the overall weight of the cupola(s) to ensure they can be supported by the roof framing.

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