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White Lightning Fencing

White Lightning is permanent electric fencing that combines high tensile wire for strength and polymers with a mixture of carbon for safety and conductivity. Our three shock point design provides 360° conductivity.

White Lightning® withstands impact without risking injury to your horse. Our coated design means no slicing or cutting injuries.

White Lightning® installs like electric high-tensile wire and is engineered for durability, resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature ranges. It is effective in high-tensile installations regardless of overall fence length.

White Lightning® Electric Single Strand Fencing
White Lightning® Electric Single Strand Fencing $185.00
Quik End
Quik End $2.53
Lag Corner Insulator
Lag Corner Insulator $2.30
Bullnose End-Strain Insulator
Bullnose End-Strain Insulator $7.25
Insulator for Wood Post
Insulator for Wood Post $9.60
Fencer's Lasso
Fencer's Lasso $7.99
Wire Links
Wire Links $14.03
Line Tap Connector
Line Tap Connector $5.15
Undergate Cable
Undergate Cable $26.59
Insultube $30.60
Crimp Fittings
Crimp Fittings $2.12
Crimp Fitting Tool
Crimp Fitting Tool $94.84
Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny $152.77
Stafix Fence Alert
Stafix Fence Alert $22.67
Stafix Fence Compass
Stafix Fence Compass $147.71
Stafix Solar Energizer
Stafix Solar Energizer $325.00
Stafix X1 Energizer
Stafix X1 Energizer $123.61
Stafix X3 Energizer
Stafix X3 Energizer $225.68
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