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Centaur HTP 5" Rail Horse Fence

Centaur horse fencing is Safer for Horses

When horses are an important part of your life, you need a fence specifically designed to be safer.

Centaur’s propietary system uses HTP—our exclusive high-tech, cross-linked polymer technology—to create an incredibly strong and flexible fence.

Each rail is installed in a continuous length, allowing impact to be absorbed by the entire length of the fence. Your horses stay contained and protected with no broken fence rails to cause devastating injury.

Centaur rail horse fence has the traditional look of board fence without the high maintenance costs. Created from a blend of virgin polymers, embedded with three strands of 12.5 gauge wire, Centaur is a superior flexible fence that is safer than wood, wire, or rigid PVC.

Centaur HTP Kit
Centaur HTP Kit $1,799.99
Centaur® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing
Centaur® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing $280.63
Centaur® / Hot Rail® Bracket
Centaur® / Hot Rail® Bracket $2.65
Hot Rail® Barrel Tensioner, One-Way
Hot Rail® Barrel Tensioner, One-Way $44.00
Barrel Tensioner, Two-Way
Barrel Tensioner, Two-Way $59.80
Hot Rail® Termination Bracket
Hot Rail® Termination Bracket $22.44
Termination Loop
Termination Loop $8.45
Inside Corner Roller
Inside Corner Roller $15.00
T-Bracket $13.15
Splice Bracket
Splice Bracket $13.15
Splice Cover
Splice Cover $7.57
Wire Links
Wire Links $14.03
Crimp Fittings
Crimp Fittings $2.12
Crimp Fitting Tool
Crimp Fitting Tool $94.84
Diagonal Brace Plate
Diagonal Brace Plate $10.52
Brace Pins
Brace Pins $20.80
Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny $152.77
Stafix Fence Alert
Stafix Fence Alert $22.67
Stafix Fence Compass
Stafix Fence Compass $147.71
Stafix Solar Energizer
Stafix Solar Energizer $325.00
Stafix X1 Energizer
Stafix X1 Energizer $123.61
Stafix X3 Energizer
Stafix X3 Energizer $225.68
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