Frequently Asked Questions

Is this barn "pre-fab"?

  • Your Barn Pros barn has many pre-cut and pre-built components, but is not technically a prefabricated structure.  The core structure is built on site and pre-built components are attached to finish the structure.  This allows for maximum flexibility for customizations on site, while speeding the construction process up by eliminating the need for contractors to build time- consuming components like doors, cupolas, stairs, and dormers.

how can i get my barn built?

  • With our years of experience, we have met and worked with many contractors who are more than capable of constructing your Barn Pros Barn.  Once you identify a model that will work for your needs, our product specialists would be happy to research your area to see if we have a contractor to put you in contact with.  The alternative, which is how the vast number of Barn Pros structures are built, is to hire a local contractor that you know or have been referred too.  In any case, it’s important to do your research and verify that the contractors licensing and insurance are current, see examples of their work, check references, and make sure they are someone you want to work with.  All of which will insure a smooth construction process, minimizing stress and cost overruns. 

Do you offer Financing and are you required to collect sales tax?

  • We are not required to collect sales tax if your barn is shipped outside of Washington State.  However, please consult your accountant for details on your state requirements.  As for lending, because your Barn Pros structure is a permanent and appreciable asset to your property, there are many agricultural lending options available.  While we don’t offer direct financing, we can provide you with some resources.  Call your product specialist to learn more.

How long does it take to build a typical barn?

  • Contractor experience certainly plays a part in the efficiency of the build, but a competent and experienced crew of 4-5 could have  a 36-48’ barn completed in as little as 4-5 weeks.

What is the timeframe to put our barn package together and have it delivered?

  • Barns can be manufactured and shipped in as little as 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the structures and number of customizations.

What is included in the package?  What do I need to provide to complete the barn?

  • You will have everything to complete your barn, with the exception of nails, roofing, concrete and the labor to construct.  Plumbing and electrical are the responsibility of you or your contractor, but Barn Pros does have an extensive line of light fixtures available.

What price should I budget for the completion of the barn?

  • Construction costs are determined by the area in which you are building, the level of experience of your contractor and how involved you are.  We see anything from 50-100% of the kit price for the construction of a Barn Pros structure.

Do you offer free shipping to all US States?  Canada?

  • We offer free shipping to all contiguous US states.  For Alaska, Hawaii and all Canadian provinces, we utilize several carriers with whom we have long standing relationships. This ensures you the best rate possible.

Do you sell just prints?

  • We do not sell only prints.  Barn Pros is not a full service architectural firm.  Our packages include prints and engineering for our models, utilizing our well proven materials to get you a quality structure that will withstand the test of time.  With our bulk buying power, our lumber pricing has shown to be more competitive than some wholesale buying options that local contractors have at their disposal.  We are also not required to collect sales tax for shipments outside of Washington State.  And don’t forget the benefits of prebuilt, precut and predetermined hardware that accompanies your kit!

Will you draw and produce a barn I have already designed?

  • We have an extensive line of structures that can be modified to meet your individual needs.  It is rare to find a unique design that our product line cannot replace.  So we prefer to work from one of our models and modify accordingly to get you the barn you’ve always dreamed about with the functionality you need.  Skip the trip to the architect and call your product specialist today.

Can I put a living space in any of your other barns?

  • At this time, we have two barn models with engineered living space, the Denali and Caretaker models.  However,  people have been remodeling our barns for years.  Select one of our full loft model barns and work with your contractor to create the space you desire. 

What is the process to get started?

  • At Barn Pros, we believe in keeping things simple.  To get started, pick up the phone and speak with your product specialist.  They will take you through the process of selecting the perfect barn, modifying it to meet your needs.  With a 10% deposit, your prints are underway.  Your barn can be produced and delivered in as little as 3-4 weeks. 

I’m not sure if I can build yet, so I don’t want to put a deposit in.  Can you get me prints so I can find out if I can build?

  • We encourage customers to do the necessary research at your county to determine if a structure can be built.  With setbacks, wetlands and other structures, this is an important step.  We’d never take a deposit on a structure without you having the confidence that you’ve got a viable build site.  That can be determined with a plot map and elevations of the structure you’d like to build (downloadable from  Once that is determined, we would then move forward on your prints.

Are you able to meet my local wind loads and snow loads?

  • Absolutely.   We’ve engineered structures that have required wind loads in excess of 160 mph and snow loads of over 200 pounds.  Whether being built on solid granite or in a sandy river basin, Barn Pros has the expertise you need.

How do I prepare my site for your barn?

  • All that is required is access for a semi truck with a 48’ trailer, a level pad for the barn itself with access around all four sides for equipment during construction.  Contractors typically like to spread crushed rock on the site to provide a clean, stable base to build from.

Why would I choose wood over metal for my barn?  Doesn’t wood require more maintenance?

  • The nice thing about wood is that it can be maintained.  With a good quality stain, you can expect to refinish your barn every 5-7 years, depending on your climate.  It is self-insulating, so it's much quieter and warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  By comparison, metal structures conduct heat and cold, so are much colder in the winter and very warm in the summer.  With metal, colors fade and the siding oxidizes, so to recapture the look it once had may be difficult.

Do you have problems with termites?  Woodpeckers?  Carpenter bees?

  • That isn’t something we typically hear, but standard maintenance and monitoring would be the same with a Barn Pros barn as it would be for your wood sided house.  If you are in an area with a lot of termite issues, incorporating your new structure into your monthly treatment would be a good idea.  That said, these are precautions to save your siding and not the structural integrity of the structure.  Our posts are pressure treated and are not impacted.

Why is post frame/timber frame better than stick building a structure?

  • Post frame construction has been used for well over a hundred years with inferior products/lumber.  Modern post frame construction is strong and will withstand high snow loads and wind loads.  There is no foundation required and this type of structure can be constructed in a matter of weeks, not months.  This style of construction is the preferred method for large animal containment and posts create an attachment point for stall fronts and divider walls. They also maximize loft area for hay storage and recreation, by not utilizing conventional trusses.

Is this a pole barn and how do your posts hold up when buried in the ground?

  • Our posts hold up very well.  They are encased in concrete, covered with a building or slab with 20” overhangs and engineered to be used in fresh water/marine applications.  We provide a lifetime structural warranty on our structures, based predominantly on the integrity of our posts.