Shipping Policy

One of the most important steps in our process is delivery of your package. From the time your Barn Pros package is wrapped, strapped and loaded on semi-truck(s) to the time you have it safely unloaded at your location, a coordinated team effort is involved. During the transportation process the security and protection of your Barn Pros package is our #1 concern. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your package is loaded properly and the components list is double checked for accuracy.

Since problems can arise when shipping by common carrier, Barn Pros has formed an alliance with vendors with proven clients satisfaction. Our shipping partners work with us to keep your delivery costs as low as possible. Because we use trucking company vendors that have their own trucks and trained drivers, we can maintain control of your shipment providing unmatched continuity of product distribution. We know where your package is and who will be delivering it to you. Only in a rare case with extenuating circumstances will your shipment change trucks after we load it or be delivered by someone outside of our delivery team.

You will be notified of an estimated delivery time and alerted immediately to any changes in that schedule. Communication is vital throughout this process. You will be advised what equipment you may need, if any, to unload your package. We ask that you are prepared for the delivery when it arrives. We depend on the customer providing adequate ingress and egress to the delivery site, suitable for the truck(s) to come and go without delay. When you call for a quote, we can quickly calculate a rate to your area. Out of state (Washington State) purchases are exempt from state sales tax and in many cases this more than offsets shipping costs.

Given the custom nature of our product offering, some items purchased from the Barn & Home Store may require 4-6 weeks of lead time.

Pick up orders: In the event that you would like to pick your order up in our warehouse located in Monroe, WA, please insure that you have adequate space in your vehicle or trailer. Barn Pros will load your order, but it is your responsibility as the customer to secure the load using straps (tie downs) to prevent product damage, personal injury, or damage to other vehicles.

This information is not intended to discourage you from shipping our products via LTL carrier, but to fully inform you of the added potential for damage, and of the receiver’s responsibility for carefully inspecting for damage and properly documenting damage discovered on any shipment of products, with particular emphasis on LTL shipments.

For additional information, questions or to learn more about any of our products, please call and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. For your convenience, we can be reached Monday thru Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm PST at 1-866-844-2276.