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Centrex 2000 System
Centrex 2000 System
Sku: SMC-2
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Utilizing a longer composting cycle, the Centrex 2000 can handle higher waste volume than the Excel & Compact models. Inside the sealed compartment, this low-flush unit has a thermostatically controlled heater, fan and vent to let evaporating liquid and any odors escape. When the unit is in continuous use, remove compost every few months; if the unit is only used seasonally, compost will likely only need to be removed each spring. Includes toilet

Residential or continuous capacity: 4 Adults or a family of 6
Weekend or seasonal capacity: 7 Adults or a family of 9

  • High Capacity, low-flush toilet
  • For use with one or more Sealand 1-pint low flush toilets (one included with purchase)
  • Unit measures 28”H x 27”D; 97 lbs
  • Electric, 3.6 maximum AMP (with heater on)
  • 370 Heat watts, 35 Fan watts
  • 1” Drain
  • 2” Vent pipe (PVC)
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