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Centrex 2000 AF Composting Toilet
Centrex 2000 AF Composting Toilet
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Utilizing a longer composting cycle, the Centrex 2000 can handle higher waste volume than the Excel & Compact models. This is a dry unit, no flush. Inside the sealed compartment, this unit has a thermostatically controlled heater, fan and vent to let evaporating liquid and any odors escape. When the unit is in continuous use, rotate the drum backwards every few months, allowing some compost to move into the finishing drawer until composting is complete. If the unit is only used seasonally, compost will likely only need to be removed each spring. All liquid should evaporate, except in scenarios with heaviest use.

  • High Capacity, low-flush toilet
  • For use with one or more Sun-Mar dry toilets (one included with purchase)
  • Unit measures 28”H x 27”D; 103 lbs
  • Electric, 3.6 maximum AMP (with heater on)
  • 370 Heat watts, 35 Fan watts
  • 1” Drain (optional)
  • 2” Vent pipe (PVC)


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