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Bolts, Hooks & Latches

From the barn to the garage, we have bolts and latches to safely secure your gates, doors and stalls. Here, you can also find cabinet latches (see our cabin hooks), door knockers and cross-tie hooks.

18" Lockable Cane Bolt
18" Lockable Cane Bolt $33.00
Cane Bolt
Cane Bolt $23.00
Chain Bolt, 5/8" Shoot
Chain Bolt, 5/8" Shoot $11.50
Cross Ties (pack of 2)
Cross Ties (pack of 2) $24.00
Dutch Door Gate Latch (outside)
Dutch Door Gate Latch (outside) $16.50
Galvanized Safety Gate Hook
Galvanized Safety Gate Hook $8.50
Horseshoe Latch Set
Horseshoe Latch Set $64.00
Pictured next to Ring Gate Handle/Door Knocker.
Pictured next to Ring Gate Handle/Door Knocker.
Ring Gate Latch/Door Knocker $65.50
Rustic Cabin Hook
Rustic Cabin Hook $8.00
Through-Bolt $82.00
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