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Orbital Shade Light Fixture, Arm-Mounted
Color Choices
42-Forest Green
51-Architectural Bronze
70-Painted Chrome
Light Fixture Options
Sku: LO216-A
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Compact, classic Orbital Shades are available in 16” or 18” sizes, suspended from a cord or attached to a wall-mounted arm. Purchase with our 26” arm to illuminate walkways beside your building or table seating indoors. Excellent booth lighting for cafés, restaurants and bars.

These top quality lights all have powder-coated surfaces that are durable, scratch-resistant, and have excellent color retention and may be used in either interior or exterior applications. The inside of our shades are painted white; see individual light styles for exterior color options. All lamps accept incandescent and fluorescent bulbs (with standard incandescent-style adapter).

* LED available on request

This item is made to order and my requireadditiona; production tme. For more informationn, or to receive a custom quote, please call.

UL/CSA Approved 

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