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Paragon Composting Systems

Barn Pros has forged an exclusive working relationship with O2Compost, a leading organic waste management company. Together they provide a viable sustainable solution to the smelly and problematic issue of horse manure: The Paragon Composting System by Barn Pros and O2Compost.

The key to Paragon’s system is aerated composting. Fresh air – oxygen – is introduced throughout the mix of materials using an electric blower, powered by standard electricity or off-grid solar power. The blower, along with an accompanying timer, comes with a lifetime warranty. With this compost system, pile temperatures are sufficient to destroy parasites and pathogens in the mix, which eliminates offensive odors. High temperatures also destroy fly larvae and weed seeds, improving your horses’ health and yielding a safe, high-quality finished product.

Aeration greatly expedites the composting process and lends itself to a true flow-through process, thereby eliminating the “two-year pile syndrome.” This whole process takes place in 30 to 60 days within the Paragon System, without turning the compost pile.

Aerated compost supports healthy plant growth. Compost also retains water extremely well, resulting in improved drought resistance, a longer growing season, and reduced soil erosion. The micro-organisms within the compost also help suppress pathogens, improving the health of the soil and plants.

Ask about our large Paragon composting systems that can handle manure from ten to 100 horses!

3-bay unit shown installed against slope
3-bay unit shown installed against slope
Three-Bay Paragon Compost System $13,485.00
4-bay system shown installed
4-bay system shown installed
Four-Bay Paragon Compost System $14,985.00
1/2 Horsepower Solar Kit
1/2 Horsepower Solar Kit
1/2 HP Solar Kit $6,055.00
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