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Aerated Compost Micro-Bin Kit
Aerated Compost Micro-Bin Kit
Sku: MBK-4
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Achieve the superior results of aerated composting on a small scale! Aerated compost supports healthy plant growth. Compost also retains water extremely well, resulting in improved drought resistance, a longer growing season, and reduced soil erosion. The micro-organisms within the compost also help suppress pathogens, improving the health of the soil and plants. This little bin can hold 2 ½ cubic yards of manure or organic waste. The kit includes all the necessary parts, including lumber and hardware. A complete materials and tool list is also provided. Measures approximately 4’H x 4”W x 4”L


  • ¼ horsepower blower (110V, 2AMP)
  • Connector fitting with two pipe clamps
  • Cycle timer with variable on/off settings
  • 20” compost thermometer
  • Materials list/aeration manifold
  • Micro-Bin Operations Manual
  • Manifold Kit with 4” pipe and fittings
  • Solid pipe sections – (3) 12” and (2) 6”
  • Two 24” perforated pipe sections
  • All necessary elbows, T’s, couplers and end caps
  • Tongue and groove lumber and hardware
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