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Lighthouse Cupola Kit
Lighthouse Cupola Kit
Cupola Roof Pitch Sizes
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This lighthouse-style cupola boasts four, 4’ x 2’ picture window side panels that provide ample natural light to the space below. A flat, 1”x6” Doug Fir tongue and groove ceiling above the windows provides the perfect backdrop for a chandelier which is easily supported by the strong roof truss above. Your cupola will include a full wrap of our premium-grade tight knot Western Red Cedar plus roof sheeting. Roofing material and finish treatment(s) are not provided. All framing is pre-built at our workshop, ready to assemble. Because you’re able to assemble your cupola(s) directly into the roof structure, there’s no need to hoist a completed cupola saving you the trouble or renting special equipment.

Lighthouse Cupola measures 100”H, center section measures 60”W x 60”D.

  • (4) 4’ x 2’ glass-pane fixed windows.
  • Pre-built framing and roof truss system
  • Roof sheeting is included, roofing material is not
  • Wrapped in tight knot, premium grade Western Red Cedar
  • Flat, 1”x6” Douglas Fir tongue and groove ceiling
  • Can be fully insulated for use in residential buildings
  • Non-ventilating

When you are choosing the right size and style for your rooftop, generally the best fit is about 1 1/2" of cupola height for every foot of unbroken roof line. This is a flexible guideline – on a 36’L barn, for example, a 50”H cupola is a wonderful fit. With a larger barn or multiple roof lines, there is even more room to create a statement! Set a Triple Cupola at the center of a 72’L roof line and balance it with a Jumbo Cupola on either side. Multi-roofline structures may warrant a cupola at the center of each roof line.

Note: For structures not provided by Barn Pros, it is highly recommended that a building professional (or licensed engineer) verify the overall weight of the cupola(s) to ensure they can be supported by the roof framing.

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