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Treated 2x6 Doug Fir Tongue and Groove
Treated 2x6 Doug Fir Tongue and Groove

The same lumber used for walls and siding in nearly all Barn Pros barns, homes, shops and arenas is also available preservative pressure treated. Sourced from Pacific Northwest forests, our treated tongue and groove Douglas Fir has a 0.25 protection level suitable for ground-level interior and exterior use. Common uses for this 2”x6” T&G include siding and wall coverings for your barn, home or shop. Consider using our Doug Fir tongue and groove in your horse stalls with 1-2 treated boards at the base. The treated material won’t rot or decay and is strong enough to contain a horse yet has enough give that it won’t shatter upon impact; making it a safe stall material option.

•    Common applications include: ground contact for siding, wall coverings and panels,
•    Preservative pressure treated to 0.25 protection level
•    KD (kiln dried) to a 19% maximum moisture content
•    #2 or better, Appearance Premium Grade
•    VHE pattern (v-joint on both sides)
•    Available sizes: 2”x6” in 8’-18’ lengths.

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