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Yoke-Top Steel Horse Stall Front & Door Package
Stall Colors
Pewter Powder-Coated
Black Powder-Coated
Green Powder-Coated
Sku: DF-107
In Stock

This stall front spans a 12’ opening. Door measures 4’ x 7’, with a full yoke opening in the grill to allow your horse full view of its surroundings. Our stall front packages consist of American-made, galvanized  and powder-coated steel components and our high quality Barn Pros lumber – everything needed to install this package in your new or existing barn. Sturdy enough to withstand use and time, these 2”x2” frames cover any exposed edges that might tempt a horse to chew on the wood.  The grill is constructed of 1 3/8” galvanized steel tubes, spaced every 4 inches (2 3/8” between bars) and fully welded into machined holes to prevent spinning.  The included trolley track is self-cleaning, ensuring a smooth slide every time the door is used.


  • 83”L x 37”H stall front grill with feeder window
  • 52”W x 84”H stall door
  • 10’ round 2x2 track with end caps
  • Trolley
  • 19 pieces of 2x6 T&G
  •  1 pieces of pressure treated 2x6 T&G

*Call for custom sizes

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