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Dimensional (Framing) Lumber

One of the most common types of materials used in construction, framing lumber is the dominant material in a building’s skeleton. Dimensional lumber has good compressive strength so it makes excellent studs. Typically the least expensive framing material, it's also used for the horizontal parts of a wall frame, such as the sole plates at the bottom, the top plates, and the blocking between studs. Framing lumber is also used in decorative applications that include trim for windows and doors, skirting and fascia.

Most dimensional lumber is milled from softwoods like spruce, fir, and pine, then kiln-dried for stability. There are stronger versions, such as the straight-grain Douglas Fir that has an added cost, but won’t ever bend or warp, making it the premier choice for quality construction. Our Western Red cedar dimensional lumber is ideal for interior and exterior use, being prized for its warmth, character and durability.

Dimensional Cedar
Dimensional Cedar
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