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Doug Fir Lumber
Doug Fir Lumber

Douglas fir is straight grained and resilient, with high strength-to-weight ratio. Its light golden-orange color is set off by a remarkably straight grain pattern, making it a premium building product specified by architects, engineers and builders for a wide range of construction applications. Dimensional Douglas Fir products are used in both heavy and light construction where the wood is valued for its appearance, such as exposed timbers, shelving, decking, paneling, siding, fences and boxes. Doug fir is also valued for its dimensional stability, strength and high specific gravity which provides excellent nail-holding capability. The wood will also ”redden“ over time when exposed to light, and it machines to an exceptionally smooth, glossy surface.

•    Common applications include: soffits, fascia boards, cornices, shelving, paneling, decking, housing and light and heavy frame construction.
•    Douglas Fir
•    #2 or better, Premium grade
•    Available KD (kiln dried)
•    Available dimensions: 2”x4” to 2”x12”, multiple board lengths
•    Hem/Fir and regional Cedar dimensional lumber available by special order.
•    1”x6” Doug Fir S4S, #2 or better, Premium grade lumber also available.  

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