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Plywood T1-11
Plywood T1-11

T1-11 is a grooved plywood siding material used on all types of residential and commercial buildings. Everything from barns and sheds, to houses, to restaurants and small office buildings. T1-11 has grooves cut into the wood to let it resemble vertical shiplap siding. Durable and with a rough exterior, T1-11 sheets resemble natural wood and are suitable for paint or stain. Our 8” on center T1-11 plywood siding panels have an Okoumé wood veneer. Okoumé wood is prized for its clean appearance and is naturally lightweight making it ideal for marine applications.

•    Common applications include: exterior vertical siding
•    Clear-faced, zero patch Okoumé wood veneer over core material
•    Appearance/Exterior grade
•    Available sizes: 3/8” and 5/8” thickness, 4’x8’ panels

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