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Pre-finished Barn Lumber

For a truly rustic look, our selection of pre-finished Ranchwood lumber has all the appeal of reclaimed weathered barn wood without the added expense.  You will appreciate the various color, texture, and profile selections available. These options, in addition to the prefinished aspects of Ranchwood are a few of the reasons why you will appreciate how these products accentuate the exterior or interior of your home, barn, or commercial building.

Ranchwood lumber is prefinished using a water-based polymer sealant with UV protection. This level of protection means the product will retain its visual appeal longer than with a typical stain, material is workable year-round, projects complete sooner with a cost savings on labor. Installation is easy due to the fact that this material is kiln dried and stable full dimension rough cut Douglas Fir substrate. Using reclaimed barn wood from old barns rarely ensures a product as predictable, strong or stable. And since Ranchwood is manufactured in a variety of dimensions, profiles and color selections – offering a large selection to choose from.

To learn more about Ranchwood barn lumber, visit our Ranchwood resource page or give us a call at 1-866-844-2276 for a custom quote.

Ranchwood Lumber
Ranchwood Lumber
Ranchwood Siding
Ranchwood Siding
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