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Ranchwood Siding
Ranchwood Siding

For a truly rustic look, our selection of pre-finished Ranchwood lumber has all the appeal of reclaimed weathered barn wood without the added expense. Ranchwood is an affordable premium substitute for architects, contractors and homeowners who have historically chosen to use various types of reclaimed barn wood; but want more durability, strength, and quality finish. Ranchwood's full dimension rough cut Doug Fir substrate is Kiln Dried to a moisture content range of 10-19%. Ranchwood is commonly used for interior paneling, wainscot, and exterior siding, trim, decking, fencing and timbers. It captures the spirit of the West's windswept homesteads to produce the most environmentally friendly, unique, finished lumber products on the market. The product is pre-finished with two coats of NO VOC Seal-Once water proofer. Because of this, material can be used immediately and projects can be completed year-round. Choosing a product that has been pre-treated and sealed also saves money on materials and labor in the field.

To learn more about Ranchwood barn lumber, visit our Ranchwood resource page or call us at 1-866-844-2276 for a quote.

Siding Options Include:

  • Shiplap - The age-old choice for traditional barns; an interlocking notch design where each board overlaps the next. 1"x6"/8"/10"/12"
  • Channel Rustic - A favorite among cedar sidings. The channel adds depth and allows for breathing in variable climates. 1"x8", 1"x10", 1"x12"
  • Board and Batten - Siding that's a time-honored tradition, lending a craftsman style to your whole house or as an accent at the gabled ends. Boards 1"x10" and 1"x12", battens 1"x3"
  • Tongue & Groove - A popular choice for soffits, wall paneling, and ceilings. 1"x6" and 2"x6"
  • Square Edge - An authentic choice to accent doors, windows, fascia and trim. 1"x3" to 2"x12"

Ranchwood Color Options:

  • Tackroom - Interior barn wood receives little to no sunlight but instead has been slowly baked over decades to a dark orange brown tint. This is one of the most coveted colors due to its rarity.
  • Northern Exposure - The north side of a barn receives the least exposure to the elements, often leaving some red paint intact.
  • Western Exposure - Late afternoon sunlight and heavy weather produces a  light gray-brown barn wood.

Texture Options:

Raw is the natural option if you prefer to provide your own finish. Two texture options are available: Wire Brush or Circle Saw.

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