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Treated Fir Posts
Treated Fir Posts

Fir is one of the few species available in large sizes from managed timberlands. Our treated fir posts, timbers and beams are preservative pressure treated to a 0.6 protection level for in-ground, ground, extreme weather and freshwater contact installations. Selected for their strength, quality and durability these posts are available in both Hemlock and Douglas Fir species. 

•    Common applications include: permanent wood foundations, building poles, horticultural posts and for outbuildings such as pergolas, gazebos and covered deck supports.  
•    Available species:
o    Douglas Fir #1 or better, FOHC, S4S
o    Hemlock #2 or better
•    Preservative pressure treated to 0.6 protection level
•    Available post sizes: 4”x4” to 4”x12”, 6”x6” to 6”x14”. Additional post sizes available by special order.

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