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Automatic Waterers

With Ritchie Waterers, your livestock will have Fresh Water for Life.

For in-stall automatic watering, select from our plastic or steel founts. Easy to clean, each option offers a safe and effective way to make sure your horse has continual access to fresh water. Our plastic waterers are made from shock-resistant material that will flex on impact; our steel waterers have rounded edges and a hidden valve to prevent the horse from accessing the mechanism or contacting sharp edges.

Stall Fount
Stall Fount $339.00
Stall Fount II, Heated
Stall Fount II, Heated $485.00
WaterMatic 150 Pasture Fountain
WaterMatic 150 Pasture Fountain $379.00
Stall Fount II
Stall Fount II $402.00
Stall Fount - Heated (Shroud Included)
Stall Fount - Heated (Shroud Included) $569.00
OmniFount2 -Heated Pasture Fountain
OmniFount2 -Heated Pasture Fountain $589.00
EcoFount 1 -Heated Pasture Fountain
EcoFount 1 -Heated Pasture Fountain $579.00
Digital Water Meter
Digital Water Meter $53.00
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