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Centaur® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing
Centaur® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing
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Safety and security for your horses. Centaur® fencing is made from a proprietary HTP (high tensile polymer) that that provides a strong yet flexible barrier for your pasture. Any impact is absorbed through the continuous length of the installation; the problem of broken rails is eliminated, so your horse can encounter the fence without injury and still remain contained in the pasture.


Choose from white, brown or black rails to fit your unique setup, and recreate the look of traditional board fence with increased safety and security, and a decreased need for maintenance. Install in combination with other Centaur® fencing or use to augment other fencing systems.


Barn Pros is a dealer for Centaur® but not an installer. Bring us your dimensional drawings! All we need to get you started are lengths and the number of corners.


5"H, 3x 12.5 gauge wires. Minimum break strength 4,200lbs. Resistant to temperature-driven fluctuations. Made in the USA.

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