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CenFlex HTP Rail

CenFlex HTP® 5" Rail offers the same flexible safety as Centaur HTP® with a lighter weight construction and one-piece bracket design. CenFlex is a unique 5" fence rail using three 12.5 gauge galvanized high tensile steel wires embedded in a tough HTP Polymer coating. Installs faster than wood and rigid PVC and will never splinter, rust or rot! Minimal maintenance is needed for the life of the fence.

High Tensile Polymer (HTP), a material that is a blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilizers, and anti-fungicides. Formulated for strength, durability and appearance, HTPfencing material is stain and mildew resistant.

CenFlex Rail Kit
CenFlex Rail Kit $1,579.99
CenFlex® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing
CenFlex® HTP® 5" Rail Fencing $238.44
CenFlex® Bracket
CenFlex® Bracket $1.80
Hot Rail® Barrel Tensioner, One-Way
Hot Rail® Barrel Tensioner, One-Way $44.00
Barrel Tensioner, Two-Way
Barrel Tensioner, Two-Way $59.80
Hot Rail® Termination Bracket
Hot Rail® Termination Bracket $22.44
T-Bracket $13.15
Inside Corner Roller
Inside Corner Roller $15.00
Splice Bracket
Splice Bracket $13.15
Splice Cover
Splice Cover $7.57
Termination Loop
Termination Loop $8.45
Wire Links
Wire Links $14.03
Diagonal Brace Plate
Diagonal Brace Plate $10.52
Brace Pins
Brace Pins $20.80
Crimp Fittings
Crimp Fittings $2.12
Crimp Fitting Tool
Crimp Fitting Tool $94.84
Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny $152.77
Stafix Fence Alert
Stafix Fence Alert $22.67
Stafix Fence Compass
Stafix Fence Compass $147.71
Stafix Solar Energizer
Stafix Solar Energizer $325.00
Stafix X1 Energizer
Stafix X1 Energizer $123.61
Stafix X3 Energizer
Stafix X3 Energizer $225.68
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