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PolyPlus Single Strand

PolyPlus HTP is permanent fencing that uses a 12.5 gauge pre-straightened galvanized high-tensile wire embedded in a tough HTP polymer coating to produce a safer and more visible wire fence. Designed to withstand impact without risking injury to your horse, coated wire means no slicing or cutting injuries. PolyPlus HTP installs like high-tensile wire and is engineered for durability, resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature ranges. It is effective in high-tensile installations regardless of overall fence length.

High Tensile Polymer (HTP), a material that is a blend of impact modifiers, UV stabilizers, and anti-fungicides. Formulated for strength, durability and appearance, HTPfencing material is stain and mildew resistant.

PolyPlus Kit
PolyPlus Kit $385.00
PolyPlus Single Strand Fencing
PolyPlus Single Strand Fencing $170.00
Quik End
Quik End $2.53
Lag Corner Insulator
Lag Corner Insulator $2.30
Tensioner $9.30
Tensioner Handle
Tensioner Handle $8.53
Fencer's Lasso
Fencer's Lasso $7.99
Wire Links
Wire Links $14.03
Crimp Fittings
Crimp Fittings $2.12
Crimp Fitting Tool
Crimp Fitting Tool $94.84
Diagonal Brace Plate
Diagonal Brace Plate $10.52
Brace Pins
Brace Pins $20.80
Spinning Jenny
Spinning Jenny $152.77
Stafix Fence Alert
Stafix Fence Alert $22.67
Stafix Fence Compass
Stafix Fence Compass $147.71
Stafix Solar Energizer
Stafix Solar Energizer $325.00
Stafix X1 Energizer
Stafix X1 Energizer $123.61
Stafix X3 Energizer
Stafix X3 Energizer $225.68
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