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Composite Ranch Rail Line Post
Composite Ranch Rail Line Post
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Charcoal Post
Raven Black Post
Rosewood Post
Timber Brown post
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5" x 5" x 6' or 7' Line Post and Post cap are used in 3 and 4 rail composite ranch rail fencing system. Line Post are any intermediate post that has fence connected to two opposite sides forming a straight line (180 degrees). These posts have holes on two sides of the post, opposite each other. An easy way to figure the quantity of line posts required on a line of fence is to figure the total sections in the line and subtract one. That is why it is necessary to know measurements on both sides of a gate. the gate breaks the total line into two distinctly different lines for these purposesConstruct an attractive, low maintenence, Eco-friendly compsite fence using this component. 

Match your post to your 3 or 4 rail ranch fence with these four natural tones: Raven Black, Charcoal Grey, Rosewood & Timber Brown.

*This fence post is sold with our 8’ Composite Ranch Rail packages.

 Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (cold or hot) making it perfect for any climate
  • Low maintenance, no painting or staining required
  • Insect resistant, won’t twist, rot, splinter or snag
  • Secure interlocking post and rail assembly provides unmatched strength and beauty
  • Posts are pre-routed for quick and easy rail installation for homeowners or pros
  • Eco-friendly, USDA Bio-Preferred product made from wheat straw and recycled HDPE plastics (milk jugs)
  • 20 year limited warranty
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