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Sofscape Non-Slip Rubber Pavers
Standard Paver Thickness
Sofscape Paver colors
Brick Red
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Sofscape rubber pavers are a unique rubber flooring surface ideal for equine, residential or commercial applications. These extremely durable pavers are made from recycled tire rubber and create a slip resistant, cushioned surface which reduces fatigue and slip-and-fall injuries. Our Sofscape pavers are simple to install, virtually maintenance free, easy to clean and provide a slip-free surface due to their superior drainage. 

Sold by the square foot, please add 5% to your total area for overage.
Concrete curb required* (12" recommended)

  • Pavers measure 9 1/8" x 9 1/8" x 1½” or 2” thick
  • Maximum Comfort and Traction
  • Reduces Physical Stress
  • Non-Slip
  • Increases Efficient Resting Time
  • Ideal Insulation from Wet or Cold Floors
  • Unaffected by Freeze and Thaw 
  • Exclusive Drainage Design
  • Helps avoid Dust Allergies and Respiratory Diseases
  • Excellent Sound Reduction
  • Provides Access to Mobility Impaired and Disable Individuals
  • Choose from these standard colors: Black, Grey, Brick Red (green unavailable)

*It is required to pour a curb before installing the pavers as they require containment to remain in place. It is recommended that a 1’ curb be in place on all sides, which should provide ample space to bolt down stall fronts for example. 

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