Whether you are making small hardware updates to your barn or renovating a structure from the ground up, we have all the resources you need to get the job done. Here at Barn Pros, we believe in high-quality materials that will provide a lifetime of functionality and aesthetic beauty. We believe in sourcing hand-made products in the US and offering the highest level of service. We will work with you or your contractor throughout your remodel project to make sure you have all the right supplies to shape your barn into exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

We know that remodel projects can become complicated so we have categorized everything we offer into the sections below. If you are completely renovating a metal barn into a beautiful wood barn, just start from the top of this page and work your way down. If on the other hand, you are looking to simply add some upgrades, jump down to the relevant section.

Remodel Materials

When you come to us for your remodeling needs, you have full access to all of the materials we use to design our barns, doors, stalls and more. We only source the best supplies for our buildings because we believe the best structures start with the best materials. We can help you with both exterior and interior needs, big and small. Give us a call to get a quote on everything you will need but be prepared to tell us how much building material you will need for your project.

Virtual Lumber Yard

We started as builders, so we know what it is like to find the right lumber while balancing cost and beauty. Decades of sourcing only the best materials for our structures and our many mill-direct relationships have given us the experience to find the finest quality lumber at the right price for your job.

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Ranchwood is an affordable premium substitute for architects, contractors and homeowners who have historically chosen to use various types of reclaimed barn wood; but want more durability, strength, and quality finish. Ranchwood is available in a variety of colors, finishes and profiles. All of these products are pre-finished and ready to install. 

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Eldorado Stone Siding

When you align Barn Pros, the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered barn structures, with Eldorado Stone, producers of the most authentic architectural stone in the world, the result is an extraordinary building of natural beauty and timeless design. Offering a wide range of regional and classic stone profiles including ledge, stacked, brick and limestone, you can find the perfect fit for your tastes.

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We have solutions for both interior and exterior drainage and flooring needs. Whether you need permeable ground to add turnouts or you need mats for your breezeway, we have a solution. Whether you are looking to prevent erosion of garden paths or muddy paddocks, our permeable ground solutions will provide a better looking property and more stable footing. Our rubber pavers can be used in children's play areas as well as barn breezeways, and our cushioned mats are just as easily used at your workbench as they are your horse stalls.


VersiGrid® is your permanent, environmentally friendly paddock solution, and a permeable solution for muddy grounds. VersiGrid® is the original equestrian footing and flooring grid system but can be used for more than just horses. It is great for any high traffic areas around garages and walkways where the grass gets consistently worn away.

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Rubber Mats

Our interlocking mats are made of 100% recycled vulcanized rubber. Made using an ultrasonic cutting technology, this interlocking design is as close as possible to producing a single sheet of rubber that covers the entire area. These are also great for placing at workbenches or anywhere you will be standing for long periods of time.

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Equine Accessories

We started our company with a focus on equestrian needs so we offer a wide range of high-quality accessories for everything your horse might need. Every product we offer has been carefully selected based on horse safety first and foremost. We also, of course, consider durability and overall aesthetic to ensure we offer only the best that the industry has to offer.

Horse Stall Fronts

Choose from our selection of attractive, practical doors, fronts and dividers - all made in the USA from high-quality steel components. We carry two full lines of stall fronts and dividers - the Barn Pros line and the Classic line - so you can find your perfect fit.

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Wash & Groom Bay

Barn Pros offers the only complete wash and groom stall package available on the market. These collective products have been hand-selected for quality, value and performance. This groom station may be added to existing structures as part of a remodel project, or incorporated into new construction.

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Tack Room Organization

Our tack system is ready to go to work for you, keeping your tack organized and readily available. The Barn Pros steel wire tack system can be purchased in individual components or as a packaged setup with added savings. And for even more storage space, consider mounting storage components to a rotating tack wall.

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Waterers & Feeders

Save time and prevent waste with stall-sized corner feeders and automatic waterers. For in-stall automatic watering, select from our plastic or steel water founts. The iFEED system was developed based on the simple concept of adapting how horses are fed in the barn to how horses naturally graze in pasture; improving the health and vitality of your animals.

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Breezeway, Dutch & Interior Wood Doors

We offer all wood doors, made from our high-quality Barn Pros timber, as well as steel-framed doors which can be finished with a range of colors and wood fill options. Our traditional doors are all hand-built at our PNW facility and shipped to you fully assembled. Please take note that these doors are large and must be shipped accordingly. You will need space to receive these doors and store them until you are ready to treat and hang them.

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Barn Lighting: Exterior and Interior

Our lighting can be used for both exterior and interior treatments. Whether you are looking for traditional high-bay lighting for your barn aisleway or shop, illumination for the front of your structure, or hanging lights for your home, we have stylish and functional options.

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Barn Heating/Cooling/Ventilation

Copper roof vents, powerful and efficient fans, and tack room heaters - we have them all! Create a comfortable environment for people and animals alike with these heating and cooling products. Display a cupola from Barn Pros at the top of your building as an ornamental accent and focal point for the structure as well as further ventilation.

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Composting Systems

We make composting simple and even beautiful. We have systems appropriate for a small 2-horse barn or commercial properties. Our aerated composting system means you don’t need to worry about turning piles and you don't need to wait as long for the finished product. Whether you plan on using the compost for your property or reselling it, our solution is as easy as it gets.

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Remodel Project Help

We are here for you and your contractor whether you are looking to renovate an existing structure or finish out a new barn, shop or home. Give us a call and we will walk through your project to give you a custom quote. You can even send us your Pinterest board of what you want your barn to look like and we will help you bring it to life. If you are still looking at inspiration, take a look at our galleries for plenty of ideas. When you are ready to turn your old barn into the barn of your dreams, we will be ready to help you make it happen.
Get in touch with our dedicated team of project specialists by email barns@barnpros.com or call 866-844-2276.