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Dreams made attainable

The structures that truly last have the right foundation. You can see ours in an uncompromising commitment to barns built on quality—and a business built on integrity

Why Barn Pros

Think about the professionals you choose to work with. Is it simply their track records that set your expectations, or is there something more? Because at Barn Pros, we believe that a decision as important as a new building on your property demands a partner who places your needs and goals first—who will put their adaptability and passion to work bringing your dream to life and making sure it delivers value. It’s a commitment we think you can see in the investment we make in our own processes, in the quality we guarantee, in the way we conduct business, and in every single piece of the beautiful buildings we engineer. 

Designed to Be Experienced

We engineer our barn-inspired buildings for people. You, to be precise.

Because whether it’s your eyes taking in the light pouring in from a loft dormer, the smell of wood greeting you when you open the breezeway doors, or the warmth of spending time with family, friends, or your animals, these are structures built around experiences. They start with friendly, expert customer service, include a streamlined process that takes the worry out of your build, and result in a stunning building that will set your property apart. And perhaps that’s what’s most important—the sense that you’ve made the right choice for your life, one that will deliver value, peace of mind, and delight for years to come.

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We think the ideal structure is one that simply looks as if it’s meant to be there, and that’s what we strive to achieve with each of our barn-inspired buildings. The harmony of size, scale, and detail—from sidewall height to steep roof pitches, breezeway door size to our functional, hand-built cupolas—creates an impression that marries solid and striking.

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You can see our extraordinary attention to detail everywhere you look. Precisely milled, hand-selected lumber. A unique combination of horizontal and vertical siding, integrating Douglas Fir and Western Cedar. Carefully chosen hardware such as hinges, pulls, and latches, And pre-built cupolas, Dutch doors, and other premium components created by our own craftsmen.

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The dozens of exterior and interior design options available to you—stone, loft upgrades, door and window choices, shed roofs, and much more—make it easy to adapt and personalize your Barn Pros structure for regional styles and your own taste. No matter which you choose, all our options are designed to work together and complement each other.

Built On A Smarter Approach
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We put a smarter, more streamlined and efficient process at the heart of the way we design barns, and you get the savings and control that come out of it.

We pre-cut and assemble as much as possible before shipping, reducing guesswork, mistakes, and the time you spend building onsite. You can control your costs better by not having to use a different professional —architect, general contractor, supplier, builder—for every stage of the construction process. And our packages include everything from blueprints (you could pay up to $30,000 for those alone) to lumber and hardware, ready to build—the only materials not included are nails, concrete, and the final layer of roofing.


Pole-built construction is quite simply a smarter way to build barns.

Our grid-based system makes for a stronger, more beautiful, easier-to-build structure that’s also much faster to assemble than a stick-frame building. Posts support the building, so there’s no need for load-bearing walls, allowing doors, windows, and dividing walls to be placed where you desire them—and resulting in wide-open spaces perfect for so many living, storage, or professional uses. And because we put so much time and quality control into every part of our process and every piece of our buildings up front, you can be confident that construction will be smoother and more consistent, with less guesswork.

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At Barn Pros, our smarter, more streamlined process lets us engineer, design, and deliver to you in weeks instead of months, so you’re ready to build sooner.

And with less to learn, and fewer mistakes in the field, you and your builder will experience a construction process that is as efficient and rapid as it is worry-free.

How We Do It
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Four steps. One goal: getting you to a building you’ll love. Dive deeper into our process or get in touch today.

  • Step 1: Select

    You choose the structure that’s right for you and your property from our wide range of models. A Barn Pros product specialist will be happy to help to make your vision a reality, letting you know your options and ironing out all the details.
  • Step 2: Personalize

    Need a shed roof? Deck package? More dormers? Add the available options and upgrades you want— they’ve already been engineered to fit seamlessly into our building plans, and our specialists can help ensure that your choices meet local building criteria.
  • Step 3: Order

    Choose your ship date and we’ll start assembling the package. . County-specific permitting blueprints arrive first, followed by ready-to-build building components. Most models deliver within a few weeks, and shipping is free on most structures within the continental US.
  • Step 4: Build

    Whether you choose to hire a professional builder, work with local resources or have the experience to put up the structure yourself, our builder support team is available to assist you. Our systematic approach ensures the highest quality of construction and our flexible designs allow personalization without the custom price tag.
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From the time your Barn Pros package is wrapped, strapped and dry-loaded on semi-truck(s) to the time you have it safely unloaded at your location, a coordinated team effort is involved. We deliver your Barn Pros package exclusively through our dedicated shipping partners to keep costs low and make sure your delivery is secure and efficient. 

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We stand behind our products, and we put it in writing. We believe our clear, easy-to-understand warranty is the most comprehensive in the industry.

See for yourself
Doing Things Differently For More Than 25 Years

We started out as builders. And we knew there was a better way. Nearly three decades ago, the Barn Pros team saw an opportunity to deliver a high-value barn that could combine the ease and efficiency of packaged kits with a level of craft and quality that people had come to expect from custom builds. We also knew how we wanted to do it— deeply informed by our customers’ worlds and dreams, relevant to today’s demand for environmental responsibility, and grounded in our personal principles of integrity and transparency. We think the result is a smarter model for building and for business, and we invite you to see why. Get in touch and let’s talk about the barn that’s right for you.


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Get in touch and let’s talk about the barn that’s right for you.

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